What We Do...

Allegheny Gun Works, Inc. is a Pennsylvania owned and operated gunsmith facility specializing in the repair and customizing of handguns and military-style weapons. We hold a type 07 FFL that enables us to provide full-spectrum custom work on all manner of sporting, competition and defensive (duty) arms to qualified citizens and agencies throughout the Commonwealth and the entire United States.

As a licensed manufacturer,  we are able to not only customize pre-owned firearms but also to supply new receivers and base firearms to our customers without having to complete the time consuming step of first transferring the parts to the customer. This alone enables us to reduce our turnaround times by up to two weeks and ensure that the parts are correct and operational before the customer even lays eyes on them.

While we at AGW are capable of completing most types of firearms work, we choose to limit our scope to modern handguns and popular fighting rifles to ensure that our products reflect the most up-to-date techniques and technology available in the industry.